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Creative Endeavors (Or: This Month in Capriciousness)

By Dan Canon

I’m afraid this whole wernal* thing is off to a slow start.  Part of the reason is the trial I had in family court last week. Another part is the other (bigger) cases that are coming up for trial in the next few months, and another is just general day-to-day lawyering stuff. Thankfully, I’ve been busy. I’m pleased to report that part of the reason for my weblag is because of a wide variety of creative endeavors, some of which are finally coming to fruition this month. As I said in the first post, I don’t really know what the focus of this wernal** is going to end up being, so I suppose there’s no harm writing a little bit about what’s been happening. Maybe I’ll make this a monthly thing. That way, when the big blog bucks start rolling in, I can start featuring centerfolds.

First, my rock band, Parade of Horribles, is finally starting to produce some recorded material. Here’s our first rough mix:

If any of you music-savvy types have any feedback about the mix, I would like to hear it. I’m not too sure about the effects on my vocals at the beginning, or about the levels overall (can’t really hear the bass too well), but I haven’t gotten to listen to it on any decent speakers yet. As for you non-musical types, just let me know what you think. Hopefully we’ll have more in the next month or so.

Second, my wife Laura and I have been working like crazy for the Specific Gravity Ensemble. She has dragged me into this acting thing under false pretenses.*** She’s really good at it, and I’m really not, but it’s a lot of fun. This particular group is unique, because all the plays are under a minute and a half, and they almost all take place in moving elevators. The promo doesn’t do it justice.

Specific Gravity Ensemble – YouTube Promo

To the extent that I can summarize my part, I’ll be playing a Republican, a super villain, and a British scientist in the 1940’s. I, along with the rest of a pretty good-sized cast, will be playing each part eight times a night. Two, sometimes three, actors are crammed into a 4’x6′ elevator along with five audience members who are unconcerned with their own safety. Promises to be a funny, sweaty, smelly, violently good time. We open this weekend.

And finally, the Shine-Ola site is up and running. Well, sort of. There’s a skeleton of a WordPress site there, but it is limited by my incompetence. The fact that it redirects, inexplicably, to will probably have to be fixed too. We do, however, have a video snippet from our performance at this year’s Lawlapalooza.

Shine-Ola – October 2, 2008

Sorry about this one being a cover tune, and an overplayed cover tune at that, but it’s the best quality recording we’ve got for the time being. Plus, Laura rocks it out. Also, you can see U of L Dean Jim Chen, a devoted Shine-Ola fan, thrashing about like an epileptic superhero in the front.

That’s about it for now. Back to the boring lawyer crap next post, I promise.


*I’m still struggling for a word to replace “blog.” I’ll try this one (web+journal=wernal) and see if it sticks.

**Upon reflection, I’ve decided that I hate this word. I will never use it again. I deeply apologize to all of you.

***Specifically, she has lured me into a couple of shows now by telling me “they need guys” because “no dudes are auditioning.” I fall for it every time. She’s the Lucy Van Pelt of the Louisville theatre community.

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Parade of Horribles- outside of the excellent name, you might want to take the tempo up a little. I don’t know if you were trying to get a more blues feel to the song. I don’t think I am really that into the effects on your vocals. I know this is just a rough mix, the tracks need some tweaking and a little depth to them all. Each individual instrument sounds flat (not musically, but the overall quality). I hope that gives you some direction.

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